"How are you going to help change the world?"

- Jennifer Hale


While many of us know Jennifer Hale as the woman who brought Ms. Keane, Samus Aran, Naomi Hunter, Rosalind Lutece, Commander Shepard, and countless more of our favorite characters to life, she has worked to bring much more to her fans.

If you follow her on Twitter (@jhaletweets), you are well aware of how strongly she advocates that kindness matters and each of us has a part to play in our changing world. She actively interacts with her followers, from asking them to tweet a good deed that they've done to guiding them towards more productive and confident mindsets. Jennifer responds and supports as many of her followers as she can. For someone who has a family, a crazy-cool (but demanding) job, attends conventions (sometimes every other weekend and in different countries), actively volunteers - it says everything about how important it is to her that we remember we are all connected and change starts with us, today.


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